Kimli explained

The idea of ​​allowing individuals to exchange books was born of a meeting with friends in a flat in the 7th arrondissement of the capital, on a sunny afternoon. The setting sun filtering through the interstices of the windows, the discussions began around a few glasses. Today the first version of Kimli is finally available in the different app stores.

Sign up

Joining Kimli is an ever-growing community of reading enthusiasts, Sunday readers, comic book enthusiasts and more. In this community, books come and go, knowledge is shared, knowledge is acquired. Every member of the Kimli community is a very important node in the network. They allow their acquaintances to meet other people in order to exchange more and more.

To register, nothing more simple ! Simply download the application and fill in the registration form. At Kimli , registration is free and will remain free. We want to give our users the right to freely exchange.

Upload your books

Offering your paper books for sale has never been so easy. Just go to your profile on the app, and scan the bar code of the book you want to put online through the camera of your smartphone.

Once scanned, the book will appear in your virtual library, on your profile. Users around will be able to see it and get in touch with you to exchange it for another book or for a token. You are free to accept this exchange or not.

If your book is not recognized during the scan, you have the option to enter its information manually. You will need to enter the title, author and ISBN, which is the 13-digit bar code number.

Start exchanging

You wish to exchange ? We are sure that many people are looking for the books you own. Scan them, and offer them to exchange. Who knows ! You will probably be exchanging in the 30 minutes following your registration !

If you do not have a book, do not worry ! Credit packs are available for you to buy books. The more you buy, the less you will pay. At Kimli , our goal is to enable everyone to read and learn .

Now that you have no excuse, we hope to see you again on our services. Do not hesitate to leave us a return after having tested our application.

See you soon on Kimli